FWG Creative Studio

is a creative studio located in the heart of Shenzhen, specializing in campus culture development and creative product design. The founder, Zhixuan Huang, was my mentor during my high school art studies and helped me build a strong foundation in painting and artistic understanding. Upon graduating from my bachelor's study and before starting my master's degree, I received an invitation from him to join the studio as a partner. In this role, I conceptualized brand cultures and designed creative products for major schools in Shenzhen.

During this period, I had the opportunity to design
the 2020 creative products for my alma mater, Futian Foreign Language High School. As a graduate of the school, I had a deep understanding of its brand culture and a strong empathetic connection to the student audience facing new life stages. Based on this, I conceived two projects: the Freshman Welcome Gif - "Ticket to the Future" and the Graduation Commemorative Gift - "Memories Phonograph."

The Freshman Welcome Gift metaphorically compared the three years of high school to an exciting journey with an unknown destination. The key visual concept featured a paper airplane and deconstructed typography, creating a harmonious blend of text and graphics. Additionally, the attempt to replace conventional calligraphy lines with thin, delicate strokes made the visual concept more lightweight, embodying the idea of "soaring with the wind."

The Freshman Welcome Gif - "Ticket to the Future"

The Graduation Commemorative project employed participatory design, inviting graduating students to express their emotions and memories of the three years through painting.

Originally, the idea was to create an HTML5 page to collect and showcase student artwork, preparing it for broader dissemination. However, due to time and technical constraints, the team decided it would be less feasible to deliver within the given timeframe. Therefore, I reimagined the project and proposed using postcards to display the student artwork, enhancing the potential for
real emotional interaction through physical postcard exchanges among students and teachers.

The key visual for the postcard packaging portrayed iconic buildings in Shenzhen with a brushstroke style, reflecting the concept of painting to record life. The combination of physical dossier packaging and phonograph illustrations also conveyed the idea of "preserving beautiful memories."

The Graduation Commemorative Gift - "Memories Phonograph"

The 2020 creative series was well-received by students, teachers, and the broader community. The Freshman Welcome Gift was featured in mainstream local medias. The commemorative postcards were highly sought after, with the on-sale 800+ sets quickly sold out to other students and teachers. As the lead designer, I returned to my alma mater as an honored alumna and was awarded the Brand Culture Pioneer accolade.